Steve Crocker

Steve was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico the son of an Air Force Sergeant and attended 11 schools in New Mexico, California, Arkansas, and Tennessee before graduating from Warner Robins High School. He graduated from Shorter College with his BCM degree and later earned his Master's in Education. Steve began his full time church ministry in North Georgia after graduation and stayed in church work for 15 years and then taught high school for 21 years but still continued in church music ministry. He loves the arts in all forms and tries to experience all of them.


Steve's groups have performed around the east coast from New York to Orlando and have received numerous awards. He won the Shining Star Award from the Jackson Chamber of Commerce in 2014 but feels his greatest honor is being married to Valerie. She is his greatest supporter and a huge part of his ministry. God has blessed them with so many wonderful experiences and they feel there will be many more while serving at FUMC.


They are blessed with three daughters, two sons, a son in law, a daughter in law, and four grandsons. God is good.